Shaminder Gogna

Founder & President


As described by his team, Sham’s superpower is the ability to motivate through words. Sham has deep roots in real-estate, growing up constantly immersed and learning from his parents, giving him a generational understanding of what it takes to find clients the best investments. Sham understands that real estate is the link to making dreams a reality both for himself and others.

The bold leader of a highly educated and adaptive team, Sham continuously motivates, cares for, encourages, and provides knowledge no one else can. Sham encourages his team to produce what they’re proud of, take risks, and work creatively. These motivational tactics set the team apart, and ultimately, make Condoville what it is.



We're good at our jobs, and we dress damn well too. See Sham's content from our photoshoots below.