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Buyer Services

The pleasure of helping others become home owners and investors is something we hold dearly as we love to share our passion for real estate. The joy that comes with home ownership can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, but with this can come both excitement and stress as pressures of making the tough decisions may arise, and we here at Condoville look forward to applying our experience. Condoville strives to bring clients clarity, confidence and peace of mind during this process. Our trusted and expert team of professional sales representatives are determined to work in your best interest and address all of your real estate needs. Including a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in the GTA real estate market as well as secondary and tertiary markets, as your buyer’s agent, we are well prepared to assist in representing your interests and ensure that your future home is in line with your goals. Whether it be residential, commercial, sales, pre construction or lease, our skilled sales professionals work on your behalf to make this process a seamless one.


Seller Services

Our primary objective is to make a real estate transaction seamless by offering a full range of services at your disposal, whether it be selling your home or pre-construction assignment. As your seller’s agent, we assist in preparing your home for sale, highlighting your asset using our wide array of marketing tactics while focusing on your return on investment.

We understand that as a homeowner, it can feel overwhelming when exploring the market, which is why Condoville works to ensure that our valued clients are prioritized and your needs are met. Our goal is to provide excellent service for our clients by managing every detail ranging from the pre-listing stage to post-closing duties. Condoville’s intention is to minimize stress and maximize efficiency by allocating our efforts on service and success. With our team of professionals we undertake every stage of the marketing and sales real estate transaction to make it as simple and smooth as possible for our clients. Supported by a wide-ranging network and years of experience we are committed to providing excellent service through diligence, transparency and reliability. Behind these ideals and with our dedication to our craft, Condoville aims to making all points of a real estate transaction as comfortable and smooth as possible.

The Bradshaw Lofts

Bradshaw Lofts

Location: Stratford

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Liberty Square

Location: Guelph

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One Hundred

Location: Kitchener

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Sage Condos

Location: Waterloo

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Builder Services

By collaborating closely along side developers and builders we can help take a blank canvas and transform it into a future of opportunity. Better understanding logistics and various market segments, the team at Condoville can present a solid foundation of marketing materials and strategic selling points to match needs of investors and home owners. Becoming familiar with the culture within various cities helps the team better understand and become immersed in what makes each city unique, allowing for relatable and niche campaigns. By earning experience in various cities across Ontario the Condoville team has been very fortunate to travel and learn about hidden gems across the province, allowing for each project to be treated as a unique offering. Applying these same beliefs toward each new build ensures that there is no repetition and each project is treated as a one of one.


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Condoville Real Estate (CVRE) emcompasses Condoville Realty Inc., Condoville Inc. Marketing & Condoville Developments. Our team of professionals serve Canadian real estate developers, builders & land owners in addition to consumers across the world. 



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