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Condoville Origin

2013 - The mesmerizing crash of waves across Hawaiian beaches in 2013 are responsible for the dream of Condoville becoming a reality. As Shaminder and Jasneet Gogna envisioned a real estate service opporunity to provide an umbrella of opportunities for investors, developers and builders.

While managing over 100 sales representatives, Shaminder observed a window of opportunity and began to manifest his dream. With critiques from industry professionals, Shaminder remained determined and completed his MBA while researching condominium markets across major global urban cities to gain a deeper understanding of high density market dynamics. Condoville slowly began to grow into an online platform that provided market insight in addition to market information and historical sales data.

“In general, many felt the concept of Condoville was outrageous. Some disliked the name because it was too specific. Fellow industry professionals suggested we be content with our current sales success and allow the larger companies to deal with developers and builders. We didn't have any personal relationships to leverage but inherently understood a higher level of service in a concentrated market would reap rewards.” - Shaminder Gogna

2015/2016 - Between 2015 and 2016, Condoville selected a handful of pre-construction sites to market and sell. Between Shaminder’s sales management experience and Mitchell’s design capabilities, the duo became a marketing group that experienced great success via creating pre-construction condo or home microsites and advertising. At the time, Shaminder was working with his parents, Amrik Gogna & Riki Gogna, who both had decades of real estate sales experience. Between 2014 and 2017, the team rebranded its brokerage, gained access to more than 1,000 real estate professionals, and drastically increased sales volume in excess of $30M by working exclusively with Home Builders and Condominium Developers. Shaminder’s experience directly working with Builders and Developers provided invaluable exposure that would elevate Condoville to the next level.

“Looking back, we always knew what we didn’t want to be. The two of us were really passionate about creating a better sales experience online and in person. We had to visualize, execute and evolve several times to establish a presence in the marketplace. It took us a couple of years to create our purpose and another year to create our identity. To this day, we're still evolving and probably will continue to evolve for years to come.” - Mitchell Coburn

2017 - The official launch of Condoville took place during the fall of 2017 and securing a director of operations was next on the docket. The aquisition of Sumeet Banwait was a crucial step in the development of Condoville as his ability to provide legal counsel and establish corporate policies from his previous corporate experience positioned us for success. Practicing his knowledge of real estate and contract law, Sumeet works to protect Condoville, its clients and developers alike. Soon after, Hassib Bawari joined the Brokerage Services team as Sales Manager. Hassib’s extensive knowledge in the residential resale market has proved beneficial to all Condoville members and most importantly Condoville clients.

2019 - Condoville expanded the executive team yet again in Fall 2019 by securing Rahmat Bawari, Director of Finance. Rahmat’s passion for financial analysis and keen eye for micro and macro economic trends has propelled Condoville forward as an industry leader to assist land owners, developers and builders.

Present - Today, Condoville continues to evolve as a niche service provider in the real estate development marketplace as team members upgrade their knowledge via formal education and experience. This year, Condoville Developments was created to rethink urban living specifically targeted to Millennials and Gen Zs. As both generations attempt to navigate through the real estate market with little to no ownership opportunities, Condoville Developments is actively bridging the gap.

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Condoville Real Estate (CVRE) emcompasses Condoville Realty Inc., Condoville Inc. Marketing & Condoville Developments. Our team of professionals serve Canadian real estate developers, builders & land owners in addition to consumers across the world. 



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