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    Condoville believes that in order to obtain a competitive advantage in the real estate industry, developers and builders must continuously assess marketplace dynamics, determine current capabilities and prepare for growth opportunities. Condoville determines the highest and most effective use for a site/build, establishes a target market using demographics and segmentation, as well as assists with site/building design to optimize profit using financial models with up-to-date market information. 


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    Masters in real estate marketing and sales, Condoville makes it easier to keep you ahead of the dynamic industry in traditional and online marketing and media. With specialized and expert knowledge in market demands, changing consumer behaviour and buying strategies, Condoville effectively utilizes all channels of communication to build a strong relationship between brands and people to optimize return on investment. 

    Condoville provides alternative promotional strategies including different media mixes and event launches to create marketing campaigns that focus on the benefits of your development.. Our team provides a unique full-service marketing solution for Developers and Builders to ensure your time is better spent focusing on the task at hand, while targeting prospective buyers with the effect of completing sales aligned with target deadlines. Using these industry leading tactics, we then use metric supported tools to refine and fluidly work with the Developer to maximize and perfect the campaign. Condoville is with you from beginning to end.


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    A design concept is a foundational idea that gives a project its depth, meaning and direction. When Condoville undertakes a project, you can feel confident knowing that our branding & design team determine the most effective way to do just that. In collaboration with the Developer, we provide a branding and design process that can accurately bring to life the desired vision. Condoville will encompass everything from floor plans, logo design, implementation of a full-service website, digital and print newsletter and brochures.


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    Condoville Real Estate has over 60 years of sales experience and access to over 1,000 sales representatives that represent a vast range of cultural communities. With such industry expertise Condoville uses sales strategies that are carefully selected for each individual project and client, utilizing our network and experience to deliver optimal returns. For every project we strive to develop thorough, creative, and effective sales tactics to both meet client objectives and exceed expectations. Using data and analytics collected over the years as well as the results of our initial Market Analysis and Design Concept research, Condoville creates an organized, unique sales strategy that supports buyer demographics and branding.


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    Condoville provides full administrative support to our clients to make the process as smooth as possible. Once our team is implemented we oversee responsibilities such as filing paperwork, meeting with internal and external stakeholders, presenting important information, developing processes, answering employee questions and more. This includes but is not limited to lead intake, sales centre presence, and the drafting and executing of client documents with 100% accuracy and precision. We believe in the importance of effective administrative support because they keep business processes running smoothly and any successful, efficient organization should have professionals who have strong skills in this area. 


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    Our team understands the importance of client satisfaction and communication at all levels of a business. Whether it be the developer or purchaser, Condoville prides itself on making every interaction a positive experience, with effective and timely communication throughout the entire process. To have an effective and successful transaction there needs to be importance placed on expertise, efficiency and communication. Upon project completion full review and client follow up is done to ensure complete satisfaction. With a positive, confident and welcoming attitude as well as attention to detail, Condoville works towards simplifying the transaction with excellent client communication and care, creating a smooth experience for everyone.

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