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Without essential components working together in harmony, a structure would not stand. Condoville's structure combines powerful knowledge, protection, and innovation that act as the three pillars to ensure clients achieve their goals.

Condoville Marketing offers integrated marketing & design solutions to residential Builders and Condominium Developers. Clients are able to retain services including exterior and interior design concepts, artist renderings and print & online marketing.

Condoville Realty Inc. specializes in listing and selling pre-construction real estate opportunities in high growth areas across North America. From the first consultation, to the final signature, Condoville associates ensure clients feel knowledgeable, supported, and protected throughout our process.

Blueprint Rendering

From Sketch to Reality

Within the umbrella of working with Condoville, Developers and Builders receive access to Condoville Marketing services - A full fledged marketing company dedicated to executing experiential campaigns. Between the two companies, Condoville will be by the Developer’s side from blueprints preparation to the final closing.


The Pillar System

Condoville comprises of three fundamental pillars. Knowledge is our foundation. We stand proud from our educational backgrounds yet strive for the pursuit of excellence in training and understanding. Protection is our purpose. We service clients with their best interests in mind; reaching far beyond the basics of real estate by ensuring safety, competence, and security with every transaction. Innovation is our vision. Constantly challenging the marketplace norms by creating, exploring, redefining, and above all moving things forward.   

Think of Condoville as a living, breathing organism. Each component of our identity is meticulously placed together. Similar to a structure, we rely upon each other, weather the storm and fight for our survival by fundamentally supporting each other.

Knowledge, Protection & Innovation bond the company called Condoville.


Condoville Origin

In 2013, the concept of Condoville was created by Shaminder Gogna and Jasneet Gogna. Originally, Condoville was planned to be an online portal for pre-construction and resale condominium listings. At the time, Shaminder Gogna, Founding President of Condoville, was managing 100 sales representatives that primarily sold residential resale homes across the Greater Toronto Area. In the news, real estate ‘Gurus’ across the globe identified Toronto’s condominium market as a threat to the Canadian economy given an oversupply. In the market, new construction condominium sales were surging with double digit annual price growth.

After completing his MBA, Shaminder decided to research condominium markets across major global cities to gain a deeper understanding of high density market dynamics. Condoville slowly began to develop into an online platform that provided market insight in addition to market information and historical sales data.

“In general, everyone thought the concept of Condoville was silly. Many disliked the name because it was too specific. Majority didn’t understand the value of educating clients and leads. People in the industry suggested to ‘stay in my lane’ and let the bigger companies deal with developer business because I'd never be able to get a seat at the table” - Shaminder Gogna

In June 2015, Mitchell Coburn, Director of Marketing and Sales, joined the team. Mitchell's approach to marketing, eye for design and passion to incorporate technology into the real estate transaction elevated Condoville to another level. Originally, when Mitchell came on board, Condoville’s presence in the market was shaping into a lifestyle blog with brand concepts starting to take shape.

“We knew what we didn’t want to become. The two of us were really passionate about not becoming a typical marketing and sales company. We quickly learned that we couldn’t create a company based on fear. We had to dig deeper and figure out our purpose in the marketplace. It took us a couple of years to create our purpose and another year to create our identity. To this day, we're still evolving and probably will continue to evolve for years to come.” - Mitchell Coburn

Between 2015 and 2016, Condoville selected a handful of pre-construction sites to market and sell. Between Shaminder’s marketing and sales experience and Mitchell’s design capabilities, the duo experienced great success via building project microsites and advertising. At the time, Shaminder was working with his parents, Amrik Gogna & Riki Gogna, who both had decades of real estate sales experience. Between 2014 and 2017, the team rebranded its brokerage, gained access to more than 500 real estate professionals, and drastically increased sales volume in excess of $30M by working exclusively with Home Builders and Condominium Developers. Shaminder's experience directly working with Builders and Developers provided invaluable exposure that would propel Condoville to the next level.

In Fall of 2017, Shaminder and Jasneet launched Condoville Realty Inc. With expansion in mind, Sumeet Banwait, Director of Operations, joined the management team to bring legal and corporate expertise. Practicing his knowledge of real estate law, Sumeet protects Condoville, its clients and developers alike. In 2019, Rahmat Bawari joined the Condoville management team as Director of Finance.  

Today, Condoville continues to evolve as a niche service provider in the pre-construction real estate marketplace.

Strategic Partners


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A multi-faceted Consulting Group focused on empowering new construction Builders & Developers. Condoville will be by the Developer’s side from blueprints preparation to the final closing.


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